PGS Grippers

PGS Grippers

Our high performing range of PGS Grippers have the best holding force in their class and the fastest actuation times, beating any other clamp or gripper in the market.

The high performance of the PGS Grippers combined with their hardened steel chassis and specially designed sensors for harsh press environments will increase your uptime and extend tooling life.

  • Fast actuation time
  • Best holding force for its size: up to 450 ft-lbs for PGS 10,11, 20, and up to 900 ft-lbs for PGS42
  • Compact size
  • Extremely durable sensors to detect part presence or double blank
  • Made for harsh press room environments
  • Hardened steel chassis
  • Highly configurable using a single hex wrench – takes just a few seconds to reconfigure the jaw, pad or sensor!
  • Various jaw options available: Shovel or Chisel jaw (with or without teeth); Regular and Flange jaw; Needle Nose also available with the PGS20 for a deeper throat



PGS10 Grippers

Size for size, the PGS10 gripper is the best in class with grip forces up to 450 lbs at 80 psi.

PGS11 Grippers

PGS11 Grippers have similar technical specifications as PGS10 grippers, but include a different cylinder that is compatible with legacy Syron (LTG1010) and non-IMI Norgren grippers.

PGS20 Grippers

High strength gripper with deeper throat and grip forces of up to 450 lbs at 80 psi (200 kg at 551 kPa).


PGS42 Grippers

Heavy duty gripper with grip forces up to 900 lbs at 80 psi (400 kg at 551 kPa).


PGS Hot Metal Grippers

PGS hot metal grippers operate in temperatures of up to 1652°F (900°C), with rear mounted pneumatics and specially tempered gripper pads to ensure longer service life and maximum performance.

Accessories, Reconfigurable Kits and Jaw Options


PGS Regular jaw gripper

  • General purpose gripper for transfer finger or end of arm tooling (EOAT) use
  • Wide angle jaw opening accommodates blanks with inconsistent pick up location

PGS chisel jaw gripper

  • Low profile chisel jaws can be used in 90% of of applications since it can fit in dies with low or tight clearances
  • 14° lower chisel jaw provides more
    tolerance for the motion or shake of the sheet metal during transfer
  • Chisel jaw gripper must clamp to a flat surface

PGS flange jaw gripper

  • Gripper is mounted 90° to the gantry tooling
  • Flange jaw allows gripper to reach around the formed flange edge of the blank
  • Great choice for dies with no lift and/ or panels that have a flange or projecting edge that can be used for gripping

PGS Shovel Jaw Gripper

  • Low profile shovel jaw is used for dies with low clearance
  • Lower jaw provides a “scoop” to absorb motion/ shake of panels during transfer

Needle nose jaw

  • Low profile chisel jaw useful in dies with low clearance or low lift parts
  • Only compatible with PGS20 Grippers


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Air Fittings

Frame and side plates

In-pad sensors

Indirect sensors

Upper and lower jaws


PGS10 Cylinders


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Part Gaging

  • Used with PGS series grippers for easy part removal
  • Rods can be moved in several different positions
  • Rods can be custom made per customer specifications to stabilize parts during transfer
  • Can be used to position parts

Spherical Mount

  • PGS10CLPSPXXXX accomodates 1.00" round, 1.25" round,
    25 mm round,19 mm square & 25 mm square tubes
  • Spherical ball clamp allows 360° rotation and 30° of angular adjustment


Internal Wire Gripper Mount Adapter

  • Provides telescoping adjustment of gripper position
  • Provides entry point for Pico style sensor cable into finger
  • Telescoping O.D. sized for insertion into standard IMI Norgren Versa 1.25" O.D. finger link or tubing


Internal Wire Gripper Mount
Adapter for Hot Metal Grippers

  • Specifically designed to be used with slotted IMI Norgren Versa Links (SVL34BSLXXXX) to provide telescoping adjustment
  • Two O-rings provided to attach to PGS10HXXXXXXXX8X or PGS10HXXXXXXXX9X Hot Metal Gripper
  • Can only be used with the hot metal PGS grippers (PGS10H)
  • Compatible only with the PICO sensor cable

Telescope & Stud Mounts

  • PGS10STDXXXX provide mounting stud compatible with various diameter
    tooling components
  • PGS10TEL20 and PGS10TEL40 are internal wire gripper mount adapters compatible with the slotted IMI Norgren Versa-links (SVL30BSLXXXX) to provide telescoping adjustment

3 Bolt Clamp

  • PGS10CLX3BXXXXX provides 360º rotation of gripper independent of ball
  • PGS10CLX3BXXXXX accommodates 1.00" round, 1.25" round, 19 mm square,
    25 mm square tubes and 25 mm round
  • Spherical ball clamp allows 360º rotation and 30º angular adjustment


PGS Gripper Valve

  • Redirects air from the gripper “closed” air port to the gripper “open” air port
  • “Vents” or shuts air off to a single gripper without turning air off the entire system
  • Mounts in-line with grippers or rail receivers
  • Easily release incorrectly gripped panels
  • Formerly known as Syron Gripper Valve


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  • Indirect sensors can be used for either part present and/or double blank sensing
  • Quick and easy push button calibration
  • In-pad sensors detect Steel or Aluminum
  • Wide material thickness range, with part present or double blank detection capacity up to 9.5 mm blank thickness


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