Automation and Tooling Services

Automation and Tooling Services

We offer eight different service options to help you get the most out of your machines. Our packages maximize SPM (strokes per minute), reduce start-up time and increase over-all equipment efficiency in the press room.

We design, build and install highly productive tooling packages that increase press throughput, reduce setup time or downtime and improve ergonomics and safety.

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Service Options

Option 1 - Automation Study (FIP)

Automation studies or the Finger Integration Package (FIP) shows the gripper, cup or end effector location together with the transfer curves.

    • Ensures die design is optimal for automation
    • Increases strokes per minute (SPM)
    • Eliminates or reduce extra machining cost due to automation issues
    • Ensures optimal handling of panel
    • Smooth home line press launches
    • No tooling design is included in this package
Option 2 - Curve Creation

This process takes die components and press capabilities into consideration to design curves that will optimize throughput.

Option 3 - Tooling Design with Tooling Integration Review (FIR)

Tooling Design:

    • Shows completed tooling designed with full dies and panel strip layout
    • Smart Press Models allow our Applications Engineering Team to check tooling accuracy in all positions of the transfer motion

Tooling or Finger Integration Review (FIR):

    • Identifies interference issues between the automation tooling and the die in advance
    • Evaluates the complete design and explains all the concerns and issues found during the design stage
    • Helps eliminate interference issues during home line tryout, as well as rework machining costs (if reports are completed before die manufacture)
    • FIR report is included with every Tooling Design but additional reviews may be purchased
Option 4 - 2D Documentation
  • Provides supporting documents for the build, re-order of spare parts and set-up of the panel and press
Option 5 - Hard Tool Check
  • Provides verification that the Finger Integration Review (FIR) report changes have been made by the die design source
  • Provides verification that the dies match the die design and panel transferability
Option 6 - Tooling Assembly

This process verifies that the Tooling is built exactly to the design parameters.

  • Ensures the customer receives plug and play tooling for quick and easy installation
Option 7 - Tooling Installation (Launch Support)

Our Field Support experts can come to the plant and aid with the initial tooling set-up.

  • Reduce Home Line Tryout time
Option 8 - Simulation

Simulation can be done to improve the transfer and therefore, performance of the press (SPM), and/ or to optimize the transfer curve for a new job.

  • Our Press Programming Specialist will optimize your transfer curves for each using transfer press simulation software
  • Press Curves are custom to each die set
  • Analyzes current transfer, identifies clash or clearance issues, and adjustments to increase SPM
  • Completely eliminate trial and error prior to first run
  • Start up faster, avoid die rework and
    increase SPM

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