CAD and Additional Downloads

We offer CAD for the vast majority of our product range providing you with access to download 2D and 3D CAD models, quickly and easily in a wide range of file formats and versions.

The best way to access CAD models is by either browsing our product portfolio, or by searching our website for the part number or product range of the product you are interested in.

Alternatively select a product category below to browse all of our CAD models alphabetically listed by range.


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Download specific CAD configurations for the high performing PGS grippers, sensors and accessories ranges.


Tool changers

Configure the ideal tool changer assembly for crossbars, tri-axis, tandem presses and other robotic applications.

Double Blank Analyzer

Our double blank analyzer prevents damage to dies and presses by detecting multiple blanks during the load sequence.

Spring Mounts

Configure a spring mount to complete your connection to a vacuum pump, air source, or venturi on one end and either a suction cup or a line to a venturi cup combo on the other

Pressroom Vacuum Cups

Download CAD for our vacuum cups. Our vacuum cups provide maximum holding power and are available with low profile for confined areas.


Nut and Thread Sensors:

SNP50608M5, M6, M8 nutsDownload Step File
SNP01012M10 and M12 nutsDownload Step File


Stud and Thread Sensors:

NSS0506M5, M6 Stud SensorDownload Step File
NSS0810M8, M10 Stud SensorDownload Step File


Tandem Line Tooling

From tooling, vacuum cups and vacuum generation venturis, view our latest end of arm tooling (EOAT) CAD.


Versa Tooling

Configure high strength tubular steel links coupled with aluminum ball-to-ball for maximum tooling flexibility.


Featherweight Tooling

Featherweight tooling is lightweight, increasing the robot's capacity to move at a much faster speed. Configure for your application.

Square Tooling

Square tooling is a simplified solution for connecting shovel mounts and other applications. Configure for your application.

Round Tooling

Configure your round tooling. Round tooling is  typically used in Tandem or Crossbar applications to hold end effectors such as vacuum cups

Vacuum Generators and Cups

Our full line of vacuum products fit a variety of applications including food processing, medical, packaging, stamping, clamping, assembly and material handling and conveyance.