Carbon Fiber Services

Carbon Fiber Services

We have over 17 years of experience in carbon fiber design, manufacture and repair. Unlike their conventional aluminum and steel equivalents, carbon fiber bars can be repaired. We also offer services analyzing the deflection, vibration and stress of the carbon fiber structure.

Design and Manufacture

Conventional aluminum and steel booms are heavy and imprecise (shakes). Carbon fiber booms are lightweight, durable and sturdier for higher speed and/ or precision for pick and place or transfer presses.


  • Using a unique carbon fiber layup structure, the weight of the system is reduced by 50% over traditional steel Crossbars without compromising the strength and deflection
  • High strength and stiffness can be attained using high modulus carbon fiber material
  • Carbon fiber can be molded into complex shapes or long structures (up to 20 feet) to meet custom loading characteristics of application
  • Lighter structures increase automation strokes per minute (SPM), resulting in higher productivity

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA is performed with composite material layer analysis tool to analyze the deflection, vibration and stress of the carbon fiber structure.

Layer analysis is capable of:

  • Showing layer patterns (parallel, cross)
  • Analyzing the deflection and stress within individual layers

Deflection test

  • Performed after the carbon fiber layup and baking process
  • Compares theoretical and physical deflection test data

Accelerometer test

  • Performed while the crossbar is in working condition to collect vibration and deflection data

Carbon Fiber Repair

Unlike steel bars, carbon fiber bars can be repaired, saving money in the long run.

Layer analysis is capable of:

  • Repair strengthens the carbon fiber structure
  • Save money by repairing booms or crossbars instead of replacing them after a break

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