Carbon Fiber Structures

Carbon Fiber Structures

Conventional aluminum and steel booms are heavy and imprecise; carbon fiber booms are lightweight, durable, and sturdier for higher speeds and precision - perfect for material handling. They are also chemical resistant, moldable, and repairable. Our expertise in fabricating, maintaining and refurbishing carbon fiber components is unparalleled in North America. 

Cross Bar

Utilizing a Carbon Fiber Cross Bar in your material handling operations not only greatly decreases the weight of your machinery, but still has the high strength and stiffness of traditional steel structures. 


Norgren's Carbon Fiber End of Arm Tool in the Tandem press room provides an integrated design that optimizes and stabilizes panel lift and transfer. 

Tri Axis

By utilizing Norgren's Carbon Fiber rails in Tri-Axis environments, you can ensure that our rails will withstand harsh environments, allowing for quick change of multiple tooling arms. 

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