Tandem Transfer Press

Tandem Transfer Press

We provide integrated tooling design that optimizes and stabilizes panel lift and transfer from the Front of Line (FOL) to the End of Line (EOL) of your Tandem Press.

Our Applications Engineering Team maximizes SPM during loading and unloading of parts, minimize the cost of capital by overlaying blanks into the fewest possible families, identify interferences to prevent downtime, and reduce energy consumption and storage space.

Front of Line and End of Line Tooling:

  • De-stacking systems can be designed using gantry overheads or robotics in the FOL system that feeds single blank sheets into a press.
  • Double Blank Analyzers (DBA) can be used in the FOL tooling to eliminate press damage by separating oily or adherent sheets from one another.
  • Carbon Fiber Global Booms are strong but lightweight, increasing speed, stability and precision during part transfer.
  • Round Tooling include spline rods, aluminum, steel or lightweight tubing, clamps and bracket arms to cater to various end of arm tooling options.
  • Vacuum line provide the end effectors such as cups and spring mounts for efficient part pick up, while also integrating quick release venturi connections for quick and easy cup exchange during changeovers.

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