Modular Tooling in Industrial Automation & Cobots

Modular Tooling

Tight spaces, odd angles, changing presses and products – your pressroom needs tooling that can adapt to any situation with a wide range of motion and faster speeds for overall increased capacity.

Norgren Cobot Tool
Cobot Featherweight Tool
Dial-a-Lok Tooling

Dial-a-Lok is a slip-free locking system, coded to reach specific incremental tooling setups within seconds. It is designed to increase throughput by reducing downtime and decreasing operator labor.

Featherweight Tooling

Featherweight tooling is lightweight, increasing the robot's capacity to move at a much faster speed. The new design is up to 70% lighter than traditional tooling.

Versa Tooling

The Versa round tooling system is comprised of high strength tubular steel links coupled with aluminum ball-to-ball clamps that provide maximum flexibility to the fingers rated for 250 ft lb (static) and 100 ft lb (dynamic) loads.

Round Tooling

Traditional tooling used typically in Tandem or Crossbar applications to hold end effectors such as vacuum cups. See Featherweight Tooling for the lightweight version.


Simplified Tooling

The Simplified tooling system consists of high strength steel tubing, branches with right angle clamps and swivel ball clamps for basic right angle tooling designs. Keeping tooling adjustment simple, the system only allows three right angle motions in the x, y or z axis. Components are rated for 150 ft.-lbs. static/ 50 ft.-lbs. dynamic loads, with all clamp bolts tightened to 28 ft.-lbs. to meet the load capacity ratings.


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