Double Blank Analyzer

Double Blank Analyzer

Recent trends in vehicle manufacturing found automotive stampers faced with the need to process increasingly thicker blanks while working within smaller size constraints.

Our double blank detection sensors prevent damage to dies and presses by detecting multiple blanks during the load sequence. Contact-style sensors detect multiple blanks in the loading process, allowing early rejection and removal. 

The newest Norgren double blank analyzer, (EDBA) are EtherNet/IP capable, while still maintaining the industry's fastest response times and most durable system!

Discrete I/O DBA Features & Benefits
  • Detect single sheet material thickness range up to 6 mm
  • Detect both ferrous and non-ferrous material
  • Greater air gap tolerance, increasing up-time and reliability
  • Upgraded driver boards that are backwards compatible with old style sensors 
  • Able to sense aluminum up to 3.0mm
  • Up to four independent sensors that can be operated from a single controller
EtherNet/IP DBA Features & Benefits
  • Available in single channel and two channels combinations:
  • Single channel weight: 4.6 lbs (2.0kg)
  • Two channels weight: 4.8 lbs (2.1kg)
  • EtherNet/IP interface capable
  • Vibration tolerant to 4g
  • 24VDC
  • Maintains log files for diagnostic use
  • Enclosure seal:IP67
  • View Ethernet/IP DBA Product Demo

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