DBA Controllers

DBA Controllers

Increase productivity and protect your equipment from damage with Norgren's Double Blank Detection System.

With our wide range of DBA controllers, we are able to detect a wide range of materials and with varying thickness ranges. 

Utilize the Selection Process Map to determine what DBA controller best suits your needs, or contact one of our DBA experts at 734-429-4989 to get started! 

Contact-Style Controllers

Contact-Style DBA Sensors work perfectly for destacking applications, or applications in which you require the sensor to come directly in contact with the material you are measuring. 

Our robust line of Contact Sensors have a wide range of thickness measurement capabilities, and can measure ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 

Ethernet/IP Interface & PROFINET

Our newest DBA controller, the EDBA has Ethernet/IP Interface connection capabilities and is available in Single and Two-Channel connections. It also has measurement times as low as 39ms and vibration tolerances up to 4g, increasing your productivity for double blank sensing. 

Discrete I/O

The Discrete I/O DBA series is a direct replacement for DBAXOX single channel systems. Capable of sensing ferrous and non-ferrous materials, this DBA has measurement times as low as 32ms, regardless of how many channels are active.   

Double Blank Detector

The Double Blank Detector protects dies and other applications by detecting part presence. Also capable of sensing ferrous and non-ferrous materials, this is a low-cost alternative for businesses that do not change material thickness. 


The DeviceNet DBA sensor requires no controller, has a solid steel face with threaded housing, and is abrasion, impact, and shock resistant. 

This sensor can detect ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and is used for detecting hidden or missing parts, and double blanks.

Pass Thru-Style Controllers

Norgren Pass Thru-style DBA sensors are ideal for centering stations or conveyor applications; our contactless DBA sensor will capture the most accurate thickness reading of your part, in the fastest measurement speeds on the market.

Ethernet/IP Interface

The EtherNet-capable Pass-Thru controller has a vibration tolerance up to 4g, and supports device-level ring and chain topology. 

Double Blank Detector

Available in single and two channel inputs, the Pass Thru DBA Controllers are compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous materials, can can store up to 127 jobs.  


The DeviceNet Controller acts as an interface module between the pass-thru double sheet detection sensors and the DeviceNet network. 

Able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous materials, the DeviceNet Pass-Thru is compatible with Norgren's low-profile sensors. 

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