Thread, Nut & Stud Detection

Stud and Nut Sensors

Our stud and nut sensors help to reduce waste and save time in metal pressing plants. By ensuring threads are sound before assembly, faulty parts are removed from the line before they cause problems.

  • Reduces waste and error
  • Saves time and cost
  • Eliminates the need for hand sorting
  • Can stand up to heavy side loading
  • Highly sensitive detection
Nut Sensors

Our thread and nut sensors detect the presence of a welded nut, in the correct location and with a quality thread - even through a blind or tapped hole in a sheet metal part. 

Stud Sensors

Norgren's inductive stud sensors have the widest detection range and the sturdiest construction in the industry. Our stud sensors help prevent delays and reduce the cost of quality control during sheet metal fabrication.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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