DBA Cables & Accessories

DBA Cables & Accessories

Norgren's DBA line includes an all-comprehensive collection of cables and accessories to optimize your material thickness measuring needs, including Cables, Spring Mounts, Sensor Bumpers, and much more. 

Spring Mounts

Receive the most accurate measurement thickness reading possible with Norgren's Spring Mounts! Available in single and dual posts, Norgren Spring Mounts support the DBA sensor by ensuring the sensor has full contact with the item being measured. 

Sensor Cables

Norgren DBA Sensor Cables support communication between the DBA Controller and the Sensor Junction Box. All DBA Sensor Cables have a threaded connector on one end, and work best with ratchet-style connectors to resist vibration. 

Quick Change Sensor Mount Adapters & Receivers

The Quick Change Sensor Mount Adapter and Receiver pair perfectly with all Norgren DBA Spring Mounts, and have precision-machined slots for accurate sensor placement.

Sensor Bumpers

Compatible with all Norgren DBA Sensors, the Sensor Bumpers prevent the blanks being measured from damage or marring.

Sensor-Mounted Vacuum Cups

Compatible with the 36mm, 42mm, and 54mm Norgren DBA Sensors, the Sensor Mounted Vacuum Cups can protect the blank from surface marring, while holding the blank firmly against the face of the sensor to ensure accurate measurement readings. 

Sensor Jam Nuts

Compatible with all Norgren DBA sensors, the Sensor Jam Nut  is used to secure sensors in fixed positions. 

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