Carbon Fiber Tandem

Carbon Fiber End of Arm Tool

Norgren's Carbon Fiber End of Arm Tool in the Tandem press room provides an integrated design that optimizes and stabilizes panel lift and transfer from the Front of Line (FOL) to the End of Line (EOL) of your Tandem Press.

Our expert Applications Engineering Team will evaluate your operations to design and manufacture a custom Carbon Fiber Structure to meet your business's needs, all while increasing the speed, stability, and precision of your part transfer systems. 


By utilizing our expertise, Norgren's Carbon Fiber Booms work perfectly in:

  • Tandem Presses
  • Robotic pick-and-place material handling

Design & Manufacture

All Norgren Carbon Fiber bars are manufactured in-house at our manufacturing facilities in Michigan, meaning we take pride and attention to every carbon fiber structure we make.

 Carbon Fiber capabilities include:

  • Engineer structures to maximize stiffness and minimize weight 
  • Ability to create custom sizes and shapes based on your application needs
  • 50% weight reduction over steel structures


Unlike steel bars, carbon fiber bars can be repaired, which strengthens the Carbon Fiber in the broken area. Norgren has the capability to evaluate your structures for repair, saving you money by not having to buy whole new systems. 

Layer analysis is capable of: 

  • Repair strengthens the carbon fiber structure
  • Save money by repairing booms or crossbars instead of replacing them after a break

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