Adaptive Transforming Tooling

Norgren's Transforming Tooling

Optimize your business's tooling for all pick-and-place material handling applications. Transforming Tooling a series of arms driven by electric motion, providing a new way to move products in a repeatable, accurate, and reliable manner.


  • Eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring tooling costs
  • Free up hundreds of square meters of floor space
  • Eliminate manual tool change and optimize safety

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Press Room Destacker

The Press Room Destacker application utilizes two-dimensional movement: in & out, and side to side. This tool is mainly configured with two- and three-joint arms, and includes double blank sensing to protect your press system.

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Press Room Inner Press

Our Inner Press tool is built out of six- and seven-joint arms, and uses three-dimensional movement to give you more flexibility in your press room: in & out, side to side, up & down, and rotation.

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Palletizing & Packaging

Our Palletizing and Packaging tool is configured with single and double-joint arms and uses two-dimensional movement to give you more flexibility in your packaging operations: in & out, and side to side.

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