Press Room Destacker

Press Room Destacker Transforming Tooling

The front of a business's press line requires lots of attention and maintenance: from ensuring that multiple blanks are not accidentally put into the press at one time to job changeovers, the process can be tedious and unsafe.  

Norgren's Transforming Tooling for the Press Room Destacker eliminates the need for manual job changeovers by automatically adjusting it's position for each job, and includes double blank sensing to protect your press from damages or crashes - so you can focus on what's important. 

How Transforming Tooling Works:

Electric motor-driven joints with pneumatic clutches lock in place at to provide rigid tooling similar to conventional end of arm robotic tooling solutions.

  • Two-dimensional movement: In & Out, Side to Side
  • Utilizes two- and three-joint arms
  • Any number of arms or joint configurations for your job needs
Conventional vs. Transforming Tooling:
  • Eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring tooling costs
  • Free up hundreds of square meters of floor space
  • Eliminate manual tool change and optimize safety
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