Press Room Inner Press

Coming Soon: Press Room Inner Press Transforming Tooling 

The Inner Press of a stamping operation is a complex system, requiring frequent and unsafe manual tool changes, in addition to the thousands of square footage needed to store the tooling. What if you could solve those issues with one solution? 

Transforming Tooling in the Press Room Inner Press utilizes three-dimensional movement and multiple six- and seven-joint arms to pick and place your product throughout the press, leaving you with nothing but a faster, more efficient business. 

How Transforming Tooling Works:

Electric motor-driven joints with pneumatic clutches lock in place at to provide rigid tooling similar to conventional end of arm robotic tooling solutions.

  • Three-dimensional movement: In & Out, Side to Side, Up & Down, and Rotation
  • Utilizes six- and seven-joint arms
  • Any configuration of arms and joints depending on system need
Conventional vs. Transforming Tooling:
  • Eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring tooling costs
  • Free up hundreds of square meters of floor space
  • Eliminate manual tool change and optimize safety
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