TRR/TRA Tool Changers

TRR/TRA Tool Changers

The TRR/TRA Tool are designed and manufactured based on the specific space and configuration requirements of Asian OEM plants. 

With no locking handle required, our TRR/TRA Tool Changers pair perfectly with each other to provide fast and easy changeovers, so you lose virtually no production time. 

TRA Adapter

The TRA Rail Adapter uses a simple one-touch push to connect to the Receiver, with no lock down handle required. Air and electrical connections couple automatically when the adapter is inserted, and special locating pins on the adapter slide into the receiver face to prevent tooling rotation. 

TRR Receiver

The TRR Rail Receivers attach to transfer feedbars as quick-change docking devices for transfer fingers. Locating pins on the adapters slide into the receiver face for maximum rotation stability, and are held by the receiver's simple one-touch latch - no locking handle required. 


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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