Easy Load

Easy Load Tool Changer

Snap in your tooling with the Easy Load receiver and adapter tool changer! 

Perfectly suited for dedicated rail applications, the Norgren Easy Load Tool Changer improves ergonomics and safety in your manufacturing plant. All you have to do is align the adapter hook to the receiver, and push the tooling until it snaps into place. Unloading is equally as easy – just release and unhook.

The lightweight receiver can be mounted on the front of a rail to save space. Heavy-duty, six-point contact gold plated pins and sockets ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Rated for 100 ft-lbs dynamic load
  • Simple and safe with one-touch release
  • Reduce changeover time by connecting up to two fingers at a time 
  • Optional check valves allow up to four high-flow, automatic air connections
  • Optional electrics allow up to 8-pin automatic electrical connections
  • 6-point contact gold plated pins and sockets ensure durability and reliability 
  • Up to 64 unique mechanical codes provide a built-in poka-yoke for error-proofing 

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