Norgren's shovels are available as a standard solution, or customized to fit your business's part transfer needs. All shovels come with a welded steel telescope, stud, or hole with a customized diameter. 

Standard Shovels

Standard shovels allow field modification of size or shape to accommodate part or die conditions. These shovels can also be fitted with a sensor ring and welded steel telescope. 


Spade Shovels

Spade shovels have no side walls, which allows for general handling of parts during transfer. Spade shovels can be customized to fit any part, and the edge of the shovel is angled to support in guiding the part during the loading and unloading process. 

Disc Sensors

Norgren's comprehensive line of Disc Sensors pair perfectly with Norgren Shovels to detect part presence while in the transfer process. 

All sensors are abrasion and impact resistant, and are impervious to contamination from coolants and oil. 

Disc Sensor Mounting Ring

Attach the NAS Disc Sensors with our Disc Sensor Mounting Ring. The Mounting Ring can be welded into any of our shovels in the optimum position for the sensor to detect the part, and includes set screws for mounting the Disc Sensor.

Shovel Stop

Used in shovels to help control the part during transfer, our shovel stops can be customized to fit any part or shovel. 

Disc Sensor Mount with Rod

A mounting bracket for disc sensors, the Disc Sensor Mount with Rod may be used with a swivel clamp or Micro Versa Link. In addition, the rod may be bent into shape as required by the part configuration.  


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