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When you need a replacement pneumatic part for a critical piece of precision machinery, time is of the essence. So, we've made it faster and easier to find what you need on the move. Introducing the all-new Norgren Express App.

Offering easy product recognition, responsive identification assistance from a live team, and local stock search, it’s the quick and simple way to keep your machines moving.

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Our expert teams are available 6am to 4.30pm (MST), Monday thru Friday to answer your emails.

Live Chat Start chatting

Click to chat to one of our experts and get your questions answered.

Scan a label

Scan a product label and we'll read the part number and search for it in our database of over 100,000 parts and immediately find your product.

Type in a part number

Start typing and we'll automatically predict the part number that you are looking for, making it easy for you to quickly find the product you need.

Find local stock

Once you've found the product you were looking for then we'll help you find a replacement part fast, either from our own stock or from our extensive network of Norgren distributors.

Send in photo

If you can't identify a product then take a photo using the Express App and we'll send it to one of our experts who will respond back to you in less than 30 minutes.