Norgren now offers vacuum products, ranging from vacuum generators, suction cups, vacuum switches, fittings and end of arm tooling (EOAT) to meet your design requirements. Most options are modular allowing flexibility with your application. Our range of vacuum generators can accommodate high flow, material transfer, modular, inline and variable flow vacuum applications. Norgren vacuum products fit a variety of applications including food processing, medical, packaging, stamping, clamping, assembly and material handling and conveyance.

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Modular Venturi Vacuum Generators

The NVP Series provides maximum design flexibility by using a modular component approach. High productivity non-clogging design reduces downtime, strong hold, mounts easily, compact and lightweight design.

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Cylindrical Vacuum Generators

Norgren NJ Series offers a durable aluminum body construction, allowing for exceptional hold and powerful vacuum performance. Mounts in-line, close to vacuum point for applications where space and plumbing is a concern.

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Variable Vacuum Generators

The NVDF Series allows for adjustable vacuum levels and flow rates, with powerful vacuum up to 25"Hg. High flow up to 120 SCFM, while retaining an energy efficient high performance to air consumption ratio.

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High Flow Generators

NCDF Series air amplifiers generate high vacuum flow, overcoming leaks inherent in handling porous and irregular shaped objects. The NCDF Series generates high output flow using a small volume of compressed air. This efficient use of air makes NCDF air amplifiers a cost effective alternative to electric blowers or raw compressed air.

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Material Transfer Vacuum Generators

Norgren NDF Series are designed for easy transfer of a wide variety of materials. Efficient, fast response, low operating costs and ideal for adverse operating conditions.

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Vacuum Cups & Fittings

Norgren vacuum cups and fittings offer a broad selection of shapes and sizes. Flat, bellows, round, oval to non-contact vacuum pads in a variety of materials to fit any application.

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End-of-Arm Tooling

Norgren End-of-arm Tooling offers an array of solutions, including fully integrated vacuum tools for collaborative robots (NCRVT), spring levelers for uneven surfaces, mounting brackets to connect spring levelers to generators and manifold blocks for mounting vacuum cups to extrusions.

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Norgren vacuum accessories complement our vacuum generator products, from cartridges, silencers, switches and sensors, check valves, gauges and filters to meet your application requirements.

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