Connected Circuit

Air Preparation

Excelon Plus with Integrated Pressure Sensor

Excelon® Plus with Integrated Pressure Sensor

Correct compressed air preparation is essential for optimum performance of your pneumatic ring-main and equipment. Norgren are experts in the FRL arena, where our ranges have been at the industry forefront for many years. Excelon® Plus is the latest generation of Norgren air preparation equipment offering exceptional performance, a compact and lightweight design with no compromise on robustness, and suitability for all industrial applications.

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Valve Manifold

VR Series Valve Manifold

Valve manifolds (also known as valve islands) are a collection of valves mounted into one unit, reducing pipework, simplifying electrical connections, and minimizing complexity. Norgren has been offering valve manifolds for more than twenty-five years; current models include the high flow and lightweight VM series and robust, modular ISO standard VS series, and the new compact VR Series. The compact VR series offers a simple plug-in sub-base design allowing for valves to be easily exchanged for installation and maintenance.

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NFPA Cylinders

P-Series NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic actuators, often referred to as pneumatic cylinders or pneumatic drives, are the products used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Our NFPA style cylinders are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel with bore sizes ranging from 1-1/2  to 12 inches. There are various NFPA mounting options available including side tapped (MS4), head rectangular flange (MF1), and cap fixed clevis (MP1). Many more mounting options are available for all three NFPA cylinder material styles. P-series is the latest generation of NFPA cylinders from Norgren. The modern design provides a versatile, cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.

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Sensors & Switches

M/50 Switch for Actuators

At the motive end of the circuit, actuator switches can detect the position of the piston to keep an accurate cycle count. That cycle count can be used to monitor productivity, and to determine the estimated life of the component, so that manufacturers can predict when the actuator will need to be repaired or replaced. It is also possible to monitor local temperature of the actuator. This can tell you if the actuator is generating too much heat and could fail prematurely or if the temperature in the immediate area may cause quality issues in your application.

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34D Pressure Sensor

Additionally, sensors built into a pneumatic circuit can monitor the operating pressure of the system to identify leaks, or monitor temperature levels, which is critical for ensuring optimal productivity.

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IO-LINK Master

Analog devices can also be connected to a digital network to provide information. Input/output (I/O) blocks can translate input and output from an analog device into data. These can be connected to an IO-Link master, which, in turn, acts as a gateway, so that enabled devices – such as sensors, valves, and I/O blocks translating for an analog device – can connect to an Ethernet system.

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