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At Norgren, we are aware of the importance of stability and reliability across the entire semiconductor manufacturing process.   We offer a wide range of products and solutions that can be used in each process from wafer fabrication to both front and back end processes.  These products are capable of handling and controlling various media, and can maintain precision performance and repeatability even during long working hours or harsh conditions such as high temperatures and hygienic environments, etc.


What We Offer

Precise fluid and motion control are critical across the entire semiconductor manufacturing process, and we have a wide range of solutions covering basic pneumatics to precision fluid control. At Norgren, we provide high precision products with outstanding performance - from valve islands, mass flow controllers, miniature proportional valves, media separated valves, to air preparation and actuators - and we assist customers in developing customised solutions to address their unique challenges.


Precision, Accuracy, Reliability

Pneumatics & Fluid Control 

Customised Solutions


Integrated Flow Control for Photolithography 

  • Photolithography is one of the most essential steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process
  • Patterns are optically imaged onto a silicon wafer using a high-energy UV laser focused on microscopic droplets of molten tin to produce a plasma
  • This process is done within a vacuum to eliminate all potential airborne contaminates

Norgren offers an integrated flow control manifold solution which helps to flow purge gas through vacuum pumps to remove hazardous gases and by-products from the vacuum pump after each lithography cycle.
Thousands of Norgren solutions are being supplied to world-leading semiconductor OEMs globally, all backed by great technical and customer service to ensure stable supply.

Electronic Gas Control Solution

  • Electronic gas is widely used in many semiconductor manufacturing processes
  • Stable and Uninterrupted electronic gas supply is essential for a continuous semiconductor manufacturing process
  • Disruption in gas supply could lead to unplanned line stop which may result in significant loss in production yield
  • Some electronic gases are rare, expensive and/or hazardous, therefore minimum leakage is essential for chip manufacturers to save cost and to ensure health and safety

Norgren works closely with market-leading gas suppliers and chip manufacturers,  and offers customised solutions to ensure stable gas flow and smart solutions to detect leaks with a connected IIOT solution.


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