Mobile Pneumatics

Mobile Pneumatics

Our experience and expertise in the commercial vehicle industry has enabled us to work closely with a wide variety of customers who also need robust, reliable and proven solutions for pneumatic systems in their vehicles.

We have been able to work with customers to resolve challenging and critical applications across a range of industries including trailer manufacturers, body builders and bus & coach manufacturers.

Reliable, durable and proven products

Companies who operate across global markets need systems which will work reliably through extremes of temperature and environment. Our products are specially designed to perform in these conditions, with a particular focus on climate, temperature, thermal shock, corrosion, vibration, and mechanical shock. We manufacture special filters and regulators to ensure optimum air quality to our range of valves, actuators and fittings.

Precise proportional control

For applications which require precise variable control of pressure or flow in a system we have a complete range of industry-ready solutions which offer a range of low power and high accuracy options.

Smaller, lighter systems

With space and weight at a premium, we continue to develop products which maximize performance and resilience while minimizing weight and space-claim. Our range of cartridge valves, valve arrays and fittings manifolds are specifically designed to meet these industry needs.

Industry certifications

We continue to develop products to meet and exceed industry regulations where they apply – our range of DOT FMVSS fittings for air brakes are used throughout the world.



Trailer Manufacturers

See our pneumatic capabilities ideally suited to the trailer market.

Body Builders

Find out more about our pneumatic solutions for industry OEMs and specialist body builders.

Buses and Coaches

We supply a range of reliable and robust control valves for door-opening systems and kneeling systems on buses and coaches.

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