Material Handling

Material Handling

Sense. Reach. Grip. Pick. Move. Release.

We're masters of motion, applying engineering expertise to move the machines that pick up metal panels for everything from cars and aircraft to consumer appliances.

Efficient and productive press operation begins with the seamless integration of part motion, die structure and finger tooling. We offer a multi-step system that coordinates process, die, and finger designs to optimize efficiency and throughput.


Tri-Axis Transfer Press

Three axes of movement - clamp, lift and pitch - transfer a blank through a series of dies, creating a finished part.

Crossbar Transfer Press

One bar across each station of a die where tooling is on top of the part transfers blanks across a series of dies.

Tandem Transfer Press

We provide an integrated tooling design that optimizes and stabilizes panel lift and transfer from front of line to end of line of your tandem press.