Benefits of IO-Link Solutions
Diagnostics Made Simple

IO-Link technology is revolutionizing Industrial Automation by offering a standardized communication interface for all IO-Link devices providing simple installation and a complete range of diagnostic functionality.

IO-Link is the ideal solution for cost effective, more efficient, and reliable production. It enables seamless communication and a powerful infrastructure to manage data through your manufacturing process. Intelligent devices can be used to their full potential with IO-Link, paving the way for Industry 4.0 in Industrial Automation.

IO-Link is simple to install and enables continuous diagnostics as well as remote and automated configuration of the IO-Link devices in your system.



IO-Link Products

Integrated Electronic Pressure Sensor

Excelon® Plus offers exceptional performance, is compact and lightweight and suitable for all industrial applications. IO-Link capability allows remote set-up and application performance data for improved monitoring.

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Valve Manifolds

Norgren’s VR Series Valve Manifold Range includes IO-Link capabilities and provide a simple plug-in, sub-base style design allows for valves to be easily exchanged for easy installation and maintenance. Expand the size and functionality of your valve manifold to match the changing demands of your application.

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Pressure Sensors 

Norgren’s 34D and 54D Electronic Pressure Sensors are IO-Link enabled to allow remote set-up and access to application performance data for improved system monitoring.

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M/50/IOP Switch

A magnetically operated solid-state switch with standardized IO-Link capability which is fully compatible with all Norgren actuator ranges for an intelligent automation structure.

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IO-Link Masters / Modules

Norgren’s NC series includes IO-Link Masters, I/O Modules and a wide range of cables and connectors. IO-Link masters are gateways for the connection of up to eight IO-Link devices and the higher-level communication system. The master transmits data to the controller for immediate action or long-term analysis.

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