Pressure is on to solve the planet’s climate crisis. Decarbonisation, on an industrial scale, is the route forward to halt escalating environmental damage in its tracks.  Hydrogen is a clean energy source and has a significant role to play in worldwide energy transition from fossil fuels to cleaner and greener energy sources.  

The widespread production and application of hydrogen across industry is an attainable goal. Delivering the sustainable and innovative breakthrough engineering needed to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the climate threat to us all.

We’re Hydrogen.Ready

Norgren is at the heart of optimising the potential that hydrogen offers. From production, processing, transport & distribution, and final application, we are heavily involved at all stages of the hydrogen economy and pledge to remain focussed on unlocking all the possibilities that the entire hydrogen value chain affords the world of industry.


Transformative Solutions.

We are already delivering practical hydrogen-ready solutions that support a world that never stops moving. With hydrogen fuel cells increasingly powering vital transportation modes on land and sea, and local refuelling station infrastructures being established to service hydrogen-based transportation needs, Norgren’s control and safety product solutions, together with our collaborative approach is helping to accelerate hydrogen’s potential to become the green energy of choice now and into the future.

Embedded in the hydrogen world, we understand the sustainability challenges our customers face and are committed to continual innovation and breakthrough engineering to put our world in motion, today and tomorrow.

In addition, working with large and small-sized customers across varied industrial sectors, Norgren is supporting tangible environmental ambitions through the creation and provision of a wide range of transformative and high performing hydrogen enabled product solutions.





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