Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

We have dedicated over 25 years to meeting the unique needs of the global food and beverage industry, delivering pioneering products and bespoke solutions.

Close collaboration with customers, and a search for innovation that offers real advantage, has resulted in millions of hours of reliable service from our PET bottling, inkjet, processing & packaging, dispense and food service equipment.

From handling 40 bar air for PET bottle blowing, to aggressive solvents in ink jet printing; from wash-down chemicals to lime scale-free coffee machines, we have an impressive track record of helping the world’s largest food companies improve efficiency, save energy and optimize performance.

Whether it’s FDA-compliant materials or solutions for ATEX environments, our intimate knowledge of supplying components and solutions for food and beverage applications helps ensure your system meets relevant regional and international standards, and sector-specific codes of practice.


Beverage Dispense

Read about our fluid control and pressure management solutions for the beverage dispense industry.


Read about our expertise in supplying technology within fluid circuits for printers and labelling machines.


Find out about our expertise in supplying blowing blocks, cooling valves and air recovery products to the PET industry.

Processing & Packaging

Discover our range of innovative solutions for the food processing and packaging industry.

TruControl™ MS

TruControl™ MS is a robust and versatile media separated valve, capable of linking together to provide an all-in-one solution.

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An advanced range of ISO standard cylinders with a new Adaptive Cushioning System for safer, smoother operation.

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